Here's my newest bass - a Spectorcore V. With Thomastik flatwound strings it has a unique sound that works very well with the Michael Nyman Band.

Here's a short loop made with this bass:


Back in the late 1970s, when I first bought this bass, it was "Olympic White":


A few years later I decided that the "through neck" look was much more fashionable, so I stripped off the finish (which took a lot of paint stripper) and then added the stripes. I made a terrible job of it, so I later took it to an expert who put in those inlays. This was my main bass for many years. With EMG pickups, a Badass bridge and new machineheads, including a D-Tuner, the only original material is the wood of the body and the neck.


Wal Custom V in solid ash. I was told that the wood used to be part of a staircase in an old house in High Wycombe. It is heavy, but sounds amazing.


A 1969 Fender Jazz bass. When I bought it it was in very bad condition so I had it refinished in Candy Apple Red, which is a translucent red over gold. Thomastik Jazz Flats add to the retro sound.


Here's an example of my trusty old Steinberger XL2, with the great Gavin Harrison doing his thing all over me. We recorded this back in February 2000.

This is a short loop that I made with my Zoom B3 multi-effects pedal, using my Overwater Jazz bass.

Here's a jazzy sample, including a solo played on my Spectorcore Five-string fretless, with Richard Rozze on guitar and John Humphrey on drums:

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